We empower the retail fuel market.

We empower the retail fuel market.

Why Us

Developing solutions that ensure your existence in the future is our job.

Simply put, we empower fuel retailers. We assist fuel retailers in adopting and implementing new technologies at every stage of their digital transformation journey, acting as a reliable business partner.

We understand the business, know the technology, and always prioritize your economic and strategic goals. Every minute spent on old technology is a missed opportunity to advance and grow your business. Don’t take risks when it comes to your company or your customers. Let us help you.


For us, flexibility is key. This means providing you with the software you need to manage your business interactions effectively all in one platform.

Our world-class R&D, product design and engineering teams innovate next-generation digital payment and management solutions which integrate the most advanced technologies.


We comprehend all retail and fuel workflows and adapt our solutions to help you serve your customers best while preserving your business profitability.

The fuel retail industry is changing rapidly, and customers are demanding fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use systems.

You need a partner who understands your needs and has the ability and experience to offer you a tailored solution.

We are by your side 24/7 in all your business processes.

helping you grow
your business

We provide end-to-end retail, fuel, and fleet solutions, ensuring businesses a unified ecosystem to efficiently manage all operations and grow their revenues.
Secure integration with various platforms for effectively transforming your business digitally
Next-generation digital solutions to support your business growth
Efficient data analysis tools to gain meaningful insights to support your business strategy
Loyalty and campaign management tools to increase customer loyalty and boost revenue

A Reliable Partner

With over 30 years of trusted product delivery, service, and support, and best practices, Promaks powers an extensive customer base with over 40,000 fuel stations and 7.5 million vehicles in 60 countries.

Serving a wide range of market segments

Fuel Retail

Textile Retail

As Promaks, we continue to expand our solutions (offerings) through a global ecosystem with the value of a Gilbarco Veeder Root.


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